Magazine cover  Volume 0, No. 16–17, 1991

Urbani izziv Volume 0, No. 16–17, September 1991



Vladimir MUŠIČ : Editorial

Vladimir MUŠIČ: Editorial


Peter FISTER : The new meaning of renewal as complex protection, urban management and building

Milena HAZLER-PAPIČ: The renewal of rural areas, value level of settlements

Janez MIKUŽ: The meaning and dilemas of autenticity and originality in urban renowal

Ivan STANIČ: Character, identity, image of cities

Barbara VERLIČ-DEKLEVA: Analysis and practice of urban revitalization

Barbara ČERNIČ: Performing renewal: where, when and why standstills occur

Tomaž KRAIGHER: Decision for renewal as a decision for investment

Majda FRELIH RIBIČ, Dušan KRAMBERGER: Dual means of financial renewal of urban heritage and the Ljubljana castle

Alenka KOCUVAN POLUTNIK: Celje - renewal of the old town core

Alenka KOCUVAN POLUTNIK: Slovenske Konjice - renewal of he new town

Liljana JANKOVIČ, Jelka HUDOKLIN: The plan for the historic core of Dolenjske Toplice

Siniša TOMIĆ: Revutalisation of urban focuses

Vesna KOLAR PLANINŠIČ, Draginja NIKOLIĆ, Mojca ŠAŠEK DIVJAK, Andrej ERJAVEC: Renewal of a "Kras" village, the example of Orlek

Branka BERCE BRATKO: Renewal in Krško as a methological case study

Branka BERCE - BRATKO: An example of partnership renewa in Glasgow, Scotland

Peter J. LARKHAM: Contrasts in urban redevelopment: catastrophic and gradualistic approaches

Peter J. LARKHAM, Andrew N. JONES: Gradual urban renewal in English residential areas

Marion CHALMERS: Policy Evaluation in Practice in Scotland


Drago KOS : Institucional and social inkongruency of urban communities

Saša DALLA VALLE: The influence of market principles on the town image: advertisment signs

Vlado DROZG: /

In memoriam

Damijan URANKER : Profesor Bitenc and the renewal of architectual heritage


Jože DEKLEVA : Quetions on the effectivness of the system of spatial management

Breda OGORELEC: Regulations on settlement design

Andrej ERJAVEC: Architectural - urban competition for the design of the Vrtnarija and fish-pond in Tivoli

Methods and techniques

Breda OGORELEC : On quoting and authorship laws from this sphere

Ksenija KOVAČEC: An example of using the multidimensional scaling method

Spatial informatics

Franc J. ZAKRAJŠEK : Suggestions for the preparation of a prototype for land use

Andrej ČERNE: Modernization of the land survey administration


Ksenija KOVAČEC : Land policy of Slovenia under new administration circumstances

Ksenija KOVAČEC: UDMS symposium

Angelca RUS: A report on study visit to Germany

Vladimir MUŠIČ: On the urban and architectural image of Sobota

Vladimir MUŠIČ: Communication No. 16: Why town planning?

Vladimir BRACO MUŠIČ: Participation on the international conferenceEurospective II in Namur, Belgium


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